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Why I choose Kali for Hacking

Why I choose Kali for Hacking

There are operating systems that can be used to study hacking. From GNU/Linux, you can also use a Linux system like Ubuntu, which is the most used one. As Kali doesn't pre-install the tools, those who want to learn hacking need to install the necessary tools by themselves. For those who are just starting to study, it's busy.

If you look at the operating systems that already have tools that can be used for hacking, you can find Kali, Parrot, Backbox & BlackArch OS. The main reason why I choose Kali out of all of them is because I like it.

Based on the usefulness of the Internet, new technologies are developing at a rapid pace. As new things emerge, so do vulnerabilities. My favorite thing about Kali is the lack of Tool bloat. Another thing to say is that you can use Live Mode.

I often travel. Let's say it's not convenient to carry a computer. Even if you can borrow someone else's computer at your destination, if you don't already have the Kali that I use, it might be difficult in some places. Just having a Live USB Stick will allow me to carry the OS I'm most familiar with wherever I go, and still have emergency access to other computers without having to install the OS.

Another thing is the presence of a large community. Do you just watch it on YouTube? Do you study only in online courses? There are many examples of Kali being used. This is also a convenient point for beginners. The rest is like any other Linux, so I won't mention it.

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