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Hacker Statement / Color Statement


Hacker statement / Color statement
There is one thing you should read before reading this part. If you haven't read it yet, read it first. With the following heading. Those who have read it can continue reading this way.

When classifying hackers, there is a type of hacker according to position (function) and a type of hacker which is divided according to skill (skill). There are only 3 main hacker types based on position (activity). 1. White Hat Hacker 2. Black Hat Hacker 3. Gray Hat Hacker It is. Some may have 2 sides. In this post, one of these terms I will tell you about 14 types of hackers. (Don't strain your eyes. I think it will be clear if you read slowly) Hackers are separated by color when they are divided based on activity. 1. White Hat Hacker (Main Group) White hat hackers are those who use the science of hacking in a good way. They try to identify security vulnerabilities and fix them. Common users are also shared with security awareness. Because of them, people are becoming more aware of the common attack methods of hackers and how to avoid them. 2. Black Hat Hacker (Main Group) They use hacking to gain popularity for themselves. They have no ethics. Their attacks usually cause a lot of damage. Those who are using hacking for bad purposes. In other words, they steal your credit card information and use that information to make purchases on shopping sites. 3. Gray Hat Hacker (Main Group) Gray Hat Hackers are not white, Not black. Sometimes it is white and sometimes it can be black. This means that they are the kind of people who tend to do what they want to do without distinguishing between good and bad. They are not as dangerous as black hats. 4. Green Hat Hacker (Green Hacker) They are also called hacker in training. They are newbies in the hacking world. They hack mainly to scale up their skills. They are mainly intended for learning, so they don't do it deliberately to cause damage. But sometimes they go wrong and cause damage, so we have to put them in the Gray Hat group. 5. Blue Hat Hacker Many do not know. A Blue Hat Hacker is someone who can be called an authorized software hacker. Companies and organizations hire these blue hat hackers before releasing their system or software to find security vulnerabilities in that system or software. Where they search for that, they use only the techniques used by black hat hackers to go down the system. Or they can do system control. viruses, Malware and other methods are tried. The system has not been released yet, so there will be no damage. By pre-testing, if you find any vulnerabilities, you can fix them in advance, so you will be protected when you release. So we can put them in the White Hat Hacker group. 6. Red Hat Hacker Similar to Blue hat. Red hats are mainly hired by government agencies. They will also be in the white hat group. As for the color, there will be 6 colors as above. But if we repackage these colors, we only get 3 colors, Blcak, White & Grey. The terms related to the type of hacker are not over yet. Let's continue. 7. State Sponsored Hackers State-level hackers use to obtain information from other countries' computer systems. The skill needs to be very high and it is also necessary to be able to live in secret. They are for the country but will be in the gray hat group. 8. Script Kiddies They are also called amateur hackers. They are still young and looking for practical experience. That's why they have known vulnerabilities. They often try to find publicly known exploits. Therefore, with ginger exploits, Exploits that need to be fixed It's the kind of exploits that are often hard to use created by elite hackers. The term Script Kiddies is a term that distinguishes them according to their skill level. So Black, White & Gray will all be included in the period of education. (Exceptionally, there are those who do not go through this stage and become eLite) 9. Malicious insider It is one of the Malicious hacker type and it is more scary. Mr. If you've seen the Robot series, you already know what Malicious insider is. Malicious insiders are those who are inside an organization and hack into that organization. It's even scarier because they know inside. devices, If an attack by an insider who has access to the physical part of the server system, it can be guessed how big the damage will be.
10. Hacktivists: Politically Motivated Hackers They usually hack government networks & systems to get public attention. Hack and activist are combined to become hacktivist. So it can be said that they are very active people to get hacked. People with good skills. Because they mainly target the government for political and social reasons, they do not pose any danger to the common people. If you draw in colors, you have to add them in gray. 11. Elite Hackers: The Most Advanced Hackers (Pro Hackers) As for this group, you can tell what type it is just by looking at the term. Great teachers. Hacking skills are very high and black & white intellectual competition can be seen more at this level. There are many great teachers in the underground. Their new exploits on the dark web Zero day exploits are often sold. Some of those known as White Hats, there are even black people in the Underground. 12. Cryptojackers: Cryptocurrency Mining Hackers Those who exploit network vulnerabilities and hack computer resources to mine cryptocurrency. It means hacking our computer and using our internet in his mining project. Using the CPU, etc., let us know. (Similar to Botnets) In order to do that, they use malware that can be spread over the web. They usually create viruses. Processes that we don't know are running behind the computer and CPU usage is high. If the heat is causing you to get wet, you need to be careful. Their main purpose is cryptocurrency mining, so they don't delete our data. However, hardware usage can shorten the life of devices. Although the main target is Windows users, I think you will notice that they are targeting Linux & Mac later. Don't know, please remember. Otherwise, "we use Linux, we don't have to be afraid like you Windows people" because it's like that. 13. Gaming Hackers Those who are clear just by reading the name. I can't say what they will do. 14. Botnets: Large-Scale Hackers Every IOT device is targeted and attacked. A botnet is a network of bots. They spread malware to get bots ๐Ÿค–. These malware are often found in freeware, shareware and cracked software, so they can also be present in our computers. Bots (infected devices) are under the control of the person who created the bot, and the person in control will remain inactive until they do a mission. When the controller starts a mission, our device becomes part of his mission. For example, let's say an attacker attacks Google with a DDoS. When this mission is started, the bots (infected devices) under his control will do DoS at the same time. If you don't want to create a bot and want to use it, you can still buy it back from botnet breeders on the dark web. Now that's it, I hope you're satisfied with the 14 terms related to the types of hackers. I'm going to continue to post information related to the field of hacking as appropriate, so you can wait and read it. Special thanks to those who visit the blog every day.

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