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GUI Features Of Kali Linux

This is the Kali Linux login screen. According to the Kali Linux Version, there may be a difference in the login screen. This is the version as of this writing.

Let's see what is shown in the picture with small dots.

Number 1 is Kali's menu. Windows is similar to the Start Menu. Necessary tools, A place where you can find and open apps.

2 can minimize all open applications and hide them from view as soon as possible. If you click again, everything you just minimized will reappear.

3 is File Manager. This is already known.

4 is the Default Text Editor (mousepad) of Kali (Xfce). Windows is similar to Notepad.

5 is Firefox Browser.

6 is Terminal, one of the most important things in Linux systems. If you open this page, you can see the terminal of the user account. If you click on the v-arrow next to it, you can see the Root Terminal in red. To be able to open it when needed. If you want to open the Root Terminal, you need a password. Login password.

7 is to turn off the power. It is the easiest place to use when you want to restart (reboot) and Logout (or) Switch User.

If you press R-Click on an empty desktop screen, you can see the Desktop Settings menu. From there, you can choose and prepare the Desktop Background (Wallpaper) as you like.

This image is what you see in the Linux Terminal. 1 is username and 2 is hostname. (This is the default kali@kali format after taking the Virtual Machine file. If you want custom names, it's more convenient to drag the ISO file and upload it step by step.) 3 places in the picture is the current Terminal open directory. ~ is the symbol of Home Directory.

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