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Frequently Asked Questions And Some Common Misconceptions About "Hacking"


Unlike other books I have written, in this book I will write as I feel comfortable, so I will give the first chapter this title. In my experience, there are questions that people who are interested in hacking often ask.
Is Learning Hacking Legal?
Is hacking a violation of others' privacy?
Hacking is the art of stealing Facebook and Gmail accounts.
If you know how to hack, can you unlock Facebook account lock?
Will I get a job after studying hacking? Is the salary good?
Is it mandatory to use Kali Linux when learning hacking? Can't you get the others?
Is it possible to study hacking on the phone? Do you have to have a computer?
Such questions.
One thing that saddens me is that no one has ever asked what kind of hacking it is. Really sad.
There are many disciplines, and those who are interested in geography know what kind of science geography is. They know how things are in geography. After knowing, they are interested.
Like that. Those who are interested in history know that history is a subject of study. They became interested only after knowing. But those who are interested in hacking are not like that.
Hacking means that others can use their Facebook Acc. Gmail, There are people who think that games can be customized and are interested. If you learn hacking, you can recover other people's Fb Acc lock. I often meet people who are interested in helping to recover hacked Accs, etc. There are people who really know and are passionate about it. Less is less.
So I often write about this in my blog. Now, out of the many things that have happened, I will include all the questions I mentioned at the beginning. I'll discuss it in this chapter in order to avoid getting too many letters and getting bored.
The origin of the word hacking is hack.
The word hack appeared around the year 1200, and it is now 2022, about 822 years ago. Even the world's first computer started around 1600, so the word hack was about 400 years earlier than that.
The origin of the word hack is a kind of irregular cutting of things. At that time, you can see that it was opened in the Oxford Dictionary as "cut with heavy blows in an irregular or random fashion."
Later, the word hack came to be used in the sense of being proficient in a particular field. The words hack and hacker were first used in the technology field in the late 19th century. In the dictionary for computer programmers released in 1975, the word hacker has 8 definitions.
The first definition is this.
"A person who enjoys exploring the details of programmable systems and how to stretch their capabilities, as opposed to most users, who prefer to learn only the minimum necessary."
If you are interested in all 8, you can read it at the address below.
These definitions, By looking at the dictionary, a hacker is someone who likes to learn new technologies and how they are created, unlike the average user. What capabilities do you have? You can see that they are happy to find out what their faults and weaknesses are. So, if you want to become a hacker, you have to be constantly exposed to technology. I can't be bored.
So, to sum up, Hack is an expert in various disciplines in his field. When it comes to technology, I can study various technology products and find weaknesses. Through these weaknesses, we can try to control the device & network. Hacking is a verb that has various meanings, such as hacking into computers and networks through weak areas of system security.
After hacking, it is the turn of the word Hacking. Hacking is the science of doing things that are open to hacking. Hacking is the knowledge that hackers have (or the knowledge they use to hack).
A hacker is someone who has the ability to hack. Those who have a good understanding of the science of hacking and are able to use it. They have the ability to innovate and are persistent and eager to learn a system. Looking back at the history of hacking events, we can see examples of hackers waiting a long time to create certain attacks. So those who want to become a hacker need to be patient and patient.
In a world where good and bad things coexist, there are a variety of people who use their expertise to differentiate between good and bad. Also, there are those who use the science of hacking in good places and those who use it with bad intentions.

Those who use hacking in a good place are called white hat hackers. Those who use it for malicious purposes are called Black Hat Hackers. That's because there are people who can do good and bad things when they come up with ideas. It's not just black, so it's gray (Grey Hat Hacker) again.
In summary, there is no color in the science of Hacking, which is the origin. According to the field of application of the user, the colors are separated. Here again, Hacking has no color. Color is only in people.
I would like to tell you something that Einstein said.
“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”
——Albert Eisenstein
Broadly speaking, there are people who create problems in the world. If we want to solve the darn problems, we need to be on a higher level than the person who created the darn problem. If it's not like that, if the person who created the problem is on the same level, it means that we won't be able to solve the damn problem.
The same is true in the field of hacking. There is a saying Know your enemy. How Black Hat Hackers Usually Do You can't be a white hat hacker who wants to protect them without knowing what hacking methods they use. So I think I understand that Hacking has no color.
Even though I put it in my head as a frequently asked question, I still haven't gotten any answers. I will answer now. Learning hacking is legit. Armed robbers and murderers need to learn how to shoot, just as the defense forces trying to protect them need to learn how to shoot. Where it is applied is what determines its validity.
The objectives of learning hacking are almost identical. Hacking is not a science that violates privacy if you are interested only with good intentions. If it is used correctly, it can even be used as a pre-emptive protection against those who would violate it. That's why every time you study Hacking, you can't be defined as a bad guy. This is only science, and only after following the field of application can we distinguish between the good and the bad.
Hacking may include Facebook Acc, Gmail Acc etc as a part of stealing methods. Black Hat Hackers can only share security knowledge within their reach to prevent this from happening if they know how and what methods they usually steal. That's why hacking students learn how to hack Facebook accounts, but hacking is not the science of stealing social media accounts. The field of technology is vast. So there are many areas where hacking can be applied.
Another thing is that recovering Facebook Acc lock is not something that can be done by hacking. You can try it yourself from a browser like Chrome. Even if you can't read English, you can still change it to Burmese. It really is something that everyone can do.
Among the questions I don't want to answer is whether I will get a job after studying Hacking. Whether the salary is good or not. In fact, if you are proficient in any subject, you can earn money. In terms of job opportunities, jobs related to hacking are still rare in Myanmar. At some point, a good opportunity will come. In developed countries, we can see that security is more important and jobs are becoming more open. There are still jobs that can be done from Myanmar, even though the company does not offer employment.
Conducting workshops about security in companies. You can earn money by doing freelance work, bug bounty hunting, etc. So when you actually learn it, you will see things to do. If you want to get a job right now, it's better to study other subjects than to study Hacking. One more thing I want to say is that learning hacking is not easy. Many difficulties and challenges can be overcome. An attack can be quick to succeed and there can be a long wait. So, actually, you should study this science only if you have a passion for it. Therefore, those who really want to learn this knowledge, rather than not being able to get a job, will be more advanced.
Let's move on to the next question. Not from Kali Linux to learn hacking. You can use the operating system of your choice. You can also use Windows. You can also use Linux, Mac OS, etc. Why should I use Kali Linux? Kali already comes with tools. Kali is a Linux designed for hacking. There is a large Kali Community to ask for help with something. If you search on Youtube and Google, you will find many examples of Kali being used. If you can find the necessary tools and install them manually, you can use any OS.
The last question is whether it is possible to learn hacking on the phone. can get But it will not be perfect. In fact, if you need to build labs when studying, your phone won't be able to do it. The next thing is the screen. The screen size of the phone is much smaller than the laptop. Therefore, eye damage can occur over time. In this day and age, the value of a phone is not much different from the value of an ordinary computer. Some phones are even more expensive than computers. If possible, study with a computer. I want to use the phone occasionally.
Here are the most frequently asked questions. Although not a lot of questions, I will tell you one more thing that I think you should know.
Hacker is not an acronym made up of H+A+C+K+E+R. That's why a hacker is ——
H = Hide IP
A = Aim Victim
C = Crack Encrypt
K = Kill into Database
E = Enter into Network
R = Return Anonymous
And so on, the words are not combined at all like that.
For example -
USA = United States of America
UNICEF = United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund
WHP = World Food Program
Etc. are acronyms composed of the initial letters of words. Since they are acronyms, they are not allowed to use lowercase letters when they are abbreviated. For example - WHP is not allowed to be written as whp. If you write, punctuation is wrong. Because it's an acronym.
Hacker can be written as Hacker, HACKER, hacker, etc. Because it is not an acronym. Like the word teacher. Teacher, which comes from the verb Teach, is not an acronym. But you will be able to find the following forms written.
T = Talented / Tolerant
E = Excellent / Energetic
A = Adorable / Awesome
C = Charming / Caring
H = Humble / Helper
E = Encouraging / Excellent
R = Responsible
I can find it. In fact, these are just the names of the teachers, each spelled out in Aconym style. The same goes for the word Hacker. It comes from the verb hack. Not an acronym. If you see Acronym style written, it's just a reflection of what hackers usually do.
The reason why I am explaining these things is because I don't want people to have misunderstandings about the subject I will study. I am adding it because it is something that is often seen on Facebook. I have already said what I want to say, so let's continue with the next chapter.
(I have written about Hacking, Hacker, Types of Hacker, etc. in my first book, "Easy Learning Basic Hacking Techniques", in the first chapter. If you want to study, it is no longer available as a book, but it is still available as a pdf (eBook) for free. All the books I have written can be found in the My Books section of the menu of this blog.

Special thanks to those who visit and read.

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