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Why does someone who wants to learn hacking need to learn Linux

Why does someone who wants to learn hacking need to learn Linux


A frequently asked question is, is it possible to hack on Windows? Here's why you need to learn Linux. Because there are many hacking tools in linux like Kali, it is not complete. I would like to have a satisfactory answer for the person who asked.

Unlike Windows, Linux is open source. More than being free to use, we can view and study the source code for the entire operating system. Actually, if we are going to hack in the real world, first of all, we need to know and understand our operating system. In addition, they will need to understand the target operating system they will attack.

In operating systems like Windows, Microsoft tries to hide their source code so that it is not easily viewed. So, there is no transparency to the details of the operation inside the operating system. In GNU/Linux, you can see and study the operation of each part inside the entire Operating System. The advantage of open source.

Another thing is the control part. Operating systems like Windows & Mac limit what we can do. We can only work within the limits allowed by Microsoft. In GNU/Linux, the possibilities are very different. Even if you want to delete the entire system, you can delete it.

Furthermore, hacking tools like Nmap and Metasploit can also be used on Windows, but they will not have the same capabilities as Linux. This means that GNU/Linux will be more powerful. Although there are some specialized tools that can be used on Windows, such as Cain and Able, it is also a factor that most hacking tools are created for use on GNU/Linux systems. And the increasing number of Linux servers makes it a necessity to learn Linux systems. So those who are going to learn Hacking need to learn Linux.

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