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The hacker who stole the data of about 1 billion Chinese citizens

China police

Image: Xiangkun ZHU

An anonymous hacker is offering to sell more than 22TB of information he stole from about 1 billion Chinese citizens for 10 bitcoins, worth about US$202,873 at the time of writing.

This announcement was posted on a hacker forum by a hacker who goes by the pseudonym ChinaDan, and said that the information was leaked from the Shanghai National Police (SHGA) database.

Based on the sample data, it was found that the leaked information contained billions of important records such as Chinese national residents' names, addresses, national ID numbers, and contact info numbers.

He also uploaded 700,000 records as an example. In the example, address information, ID information; Including police records. For example, they want to show that their information is genuine and not fake.

2022 Shanghai's SHGA database was breached and billions of dollars worth of information was leaked, and the sale now includes the data of 1 billion Chinese citizens, so it's a pretty big leak.

SHGA has confirmed that this leak was not the entire server's data, but part of it stored on the Alibaba Cloud.

ChinaDan BreachForums post

Zhao Changpeng, the CEO of Binance, considered that the leak might be related to the fact that a Chinese government agency accidentally revealed the ElasticSearch database.

Zhao pointed out that the leak occurred when government developers created a blog on CSDN and accidentally connected to the ElasticSearch database.

If it is true that ChinaDan has the data of 1Billion Chinese people, it is the biggest impact in China's history.

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