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Softwares Used in Mr. Robot Series


This time, everyone likes Mr. We will talk a little bit about the software used in the Robot series.

1. Kali Linux

Mr. Throughout the Robot episode, Kali Linux was mainly used as Hacker's Operating System.

There is no charge to use Kali. It's free. Can be used on any computer. Most Android phones use Termux. Using it on a computer is more powerful.

If you want to learn about Kali link ==>

2. Wickr

Wickr is a chat app that uses end-to-end encryption. Messages include a feature that automatically cancels after a set time. Mr. In Season 2 of the Robot series, fSociety was used as a secure communication. It can be used on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac. You can say Team or Room. It is safe and you can open an account by email without filling in a phone number. Link ==>

3.Tor BrowserIt can be used on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac. Tor Browser is the best in hiding from the internet. He was introduced by fSociety in Season 2, Episode 8. When Trenton uploaded the leaked FBI conference call to Vimeo, he used the Tor Browser.

Link ==>

4. Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian OS)

It works with Raspberry Pi. Mr. In Robot Season 1, Episode 5, Elliot secretly installed a Raspberry Pi into Steel Mountain's Climate Control System. So later, fSociety was able to raise the temperature of the storage room where Evil Corp's tape backups were kept. As a result, the credit scores of US consumers were damaged. Many people have gotten out of debt.

Link ==>

5. FileZilla

It can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac. If you show me the most popular FTP client software, you will see FileZilla. Mr. In Robot Season 1, Episode 4, Trenton used FileZilla when uploading an exploit on fSociety's FTP server. The exploit takes control of Elliot's installed Raspberry Pi and destroys Steel Mountain's climate control system. Link ==>

6. Pwnix

Pwnix is an Android ROM used for network hacking and security for penetration testers. Mr. In Robot Season 2, Episode 9, Elliot uses the Pwnie Express Pwn Phone (the phone that comes with Pwnix). It was used in the call of the Dark Army. I want to see the movie in detail.

Link ==>

7. DeepSound

Mr. It was used in Robot Season 1, Episode 8. So I guess I could say that DeepSound was used in every room where I tried to burn the hacked data by hiding it in normal songs on CDs. It is a software that uses Steganography technology. Link ==>

8. Proton Mail

It can be used on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac. A Swiss-based e-mail service that uses end-to-end encryption. Mr. Elliot was used in Robot Season 1, Episode 8. Mr. Behind the scenes of the Robot episode, they have also contacted ProtonMail developers. After finishing the movie, the idea of allowing users to monitor their mail activity was discussed, and it was added to ProtonMail V2.0. Link ==>

Download Link ==>


In Season 1, Episode 10, when Evil Corp was hacked, they used fSociety's HDDs to wipe them all.

Link ==>

10. John the Ripper

It can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac. Kali & Parrot already have it built in. John is a password cracking tool. In Season 1, Episode 2, Elliot used a brute-force attack to try to hack Tyrell Wellick, Evil Corp's interim chief technology officer. Link ==>

11. Wget

Can be used on Windows, Linux & Mac. It can also be used in Android Termux. wget is a command line tool for making HTTP requests. Mr. In the movie Robot, he used John the Ripper to hack an Android phone. Link ==>

12. Social-Engineer Toolkit

A framework that can do social engineering attacks. Mr. In Robot Season 1, Episode 5, Elliot made the SMS spoofing function from there. In this way, he managed to get the Supervisor to leave Steel Mountain.

Link ==>

13. OpenWrt

In Season 2, Episode 6, this is the router firmware that Angela used when she planned to hack the FBI.

Link ==>

14. mimikatz

It is a post exploitation tool. Do you remember the chapter in Season 2, Episode 6 where Angela was given the Rubber Ducky and Femtocell hack? mimikatz has the ability to do the tasks that a hacker wants to do.

Link ==>


It is a tool already included in Kali. You can extract information about nearby Bluetooth devices even if they are not paired. In Season 1, Episode 6, Elliot used btscanner in combination with Bluesniff and Metasploit. Because he remembers the scene where he tried to break Vera out of prison for selling drugs. I also used the MultiBlue Bluetooth USB Dongle to connect it to the nearby police car.

Link ==>

16. Bluesniff

A tool that can find Bluetooth devices. In Season 1, Episode 6, Elliot was shown using btscanner.

Link ==>

17.KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine)

Like VirtualBox or VMWare. Hypervisor. Mr. Robot Season 1, Episode 8 uses KVM and Elliot uses Virtual Windows 7 in Kali. Since DeepSound is only available on Windows, I used this method when I needed to use Windows.

Link ==>

18. Metasploit

I have written about the Metasploit Framework before.

Link ==>

Kali already has it. It can also be used on Windows and Mac.

Link ==>

Can also be used in Termux.

If you want to install it in Termux, you can type this

source <(curl -fsSL

Just paste the above line. Don't add more. It's convenient.

Mr. Robot season 1, episode 6.

19. Frameroot

It was introduced by Tyrell Wellick in Season 1, Episode 3. When installing spyware called FlexiSPY on the worker's phone, he used Framaroot to try to root it because it needed root access.

Link ==>

20. KingoRot

It was introduced by Tyrell Wellick in Season 1, Episode 3. When installing spyware called FlexiSPY on the worker's phone, he needed root access, so he used KingoRoot to try to root it.

Link ==>

21. FlexiSPY

A software that can be used as a spyware for Android, iOS and BlackBerry phones. It was introduced by Tyrell Wellick in Season 1, Episode 3.

Link ==>

22. SuperSu

An app that can manage root access on rooted phones. It was introduced by Tyrell Wellick in Season 1, Episode 3. When installing spyware called FlexiSPY on the worker's phone, it was used to grant root permission.

Link ==>


A tool that includes utilities created for car computers. Using the candump utility in there, Mr. Robot hacked the car computer.

Link ==>

24. radar

Used by Tyrell Wellick in Season 2, Episode 12. A reverse engineering framework.

Link ==>

25. PyCharm

A Python and Django IDE. Simply put, it is a code editor software used in coding. Mr. Used by Trenton in Season 1, Episode 4 of the Robot series.

Link ==>

26. PuTTY

A client tool that can be used to connect to Linux servers. In Season 2, Episodes 4 and 5, Elliot connected and used a VPS running Kali. This way he was able to chat with Darlene from Ray's computer.

Link ==>

27. Mozilla Firefox

Elliot uses Firefox as his default web browser.

This is probably because I stick to Kali, and Kai's built-in default browser is Firefox. Trenton was also seen using Firefox in Season 2, Episode 8.

Link ==>


Mr. In Robot, season 2, episode 8, Trenton encoded the video of the FBI conference call with FFmpeg and uploaded it to Vimeo using the Tor Browser. 

Link ==>

29. Slackware

It's a Linux distro. Seen in season 3, episode 10. When Elliot offered to move Dark Army's project to the Congo to save Darlene, he discovered that Slackware was installed on the laptop he was given.

Link ==>

30. VLC Media Player

  In season 2, episode 4, this is the player that Elliot and Darlene used when they were watching a movie together. In season 2, episode 8, fSociety also used the FBI conference call leak before posting the preview.

Link ==>

31. Wayback Machine

In Season 2, Episode 8, FBI agent Dominique DiPierro reveals that he used the Wabyack machine to connect to an old DJ Mobley fanpage on Angelfire created by Mobley. The Wayback Machine is an internet archive machine and a database containing copies of about 490 billion Web pages.

Link ==> 

Link 2 ==>

32. uTorrent

In Season 2, Episode 4, Darlene uses uTorrent to download a fake horror movie called Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie. And Darlene and Elliot watched the damn mov together with VLC player. I think you will remember that it is the software that you are asked to use when you download Kali iso from torrent. It is a type of software that can read torrent files and download the file from the address.

Link ==>

Thank you very much to everyone who came and read.

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