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What is Termux & How it works


Termux is free-to-use and open-source and popular among Android users. Top Termux is a great thing among android users
For developers, Security researchers and hackers use Termux, which is portable. There is no problem with their use, but when the ordinary people want to use it, there is a problem because they don't know what it is.
Some have seen that Termux can write programs and software. Some say that Termux is a hackable program. They started to search for Termux without knowing what it was. They even thought of Termux as a big operating system and started saying, "It would be better to use Termux without using Android."
Some have ended up with scripts and fake attention-seeking videos, and now desperately want to learn Termux.
The main problem with those people is that they don't know what Termux is. Some say Termux is a collection of hacker softwares. Some people think that Termux can do everything. People think like that "If someone knows how to use Termux, he/she can even hack NASA." (Many people think that Facebook Acc can be hacked by Termux.) There are more and more people like that and they can't even answer what Termux is. Write this letter mainly for such people So what is Termux? Termux is a Terminal Emulator, what does it do? It is an emulator that allows Android devices to access the Linux environment.
Android is an operating system built on the Linux Kernel. Termux works well on Android To be clear, Termux does not make it possible to run Linux commands on top of Android's existing Linux Kernel. So, Linux commands are now available on Android. So clear. Termux is something that makes Linux commands (tools & utilities) available on Android.
If you really want to understand the best Termux, you need to know Linux in depth. It is not difficult for someone who knows Linux to understand Termux.
For those who don't know anything about Termux yet, read this and may be looking for Termux courses...

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