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Ex-Amazon engineer gets three years for hacking DeFi platforms

**Cryptocurrency Heist: Former Amazon Engineer Faces Justice**

In a courtroom drama that unfolded last week, Shakeeb Ahmed, a former software engineer, found himself at the center of a high-stakes legal battle. Ahmed, aged 34, stood before US District Judge Victor Marrero, awaiting his fate. His crime? A daring heist involving millions of dollars in cryptocurrency, executed through cunning hacking techniques.

Ahmed's confession reverberated through the courtroom. He had infiltrated two decentralized finance platforms, exploiting vulnerabilities in their smart contracts. These digital agreements, akin to automated scripts, execute transactions based on predefined conditions. Ahmed's manipulation of these contracts allowed him to inject fictitious pricing data, resulting in a staggering $12 million windfall. The ill-gotten gains flowed into his digital wallet, leaving investigators baffled and investors outraged.

The platforms targeted by Ahmed remained shrouded in secrecy. Prosecutors withheld their names, but whispers in legal circles pointed to Crema Finance and the now-defunct Nirvana Finance. The latter collapsed shortly after Ahmed's audacious hack in July 2022, leaving a trail of chaos and unanswered questions.

Ironically, Ahmed had once been Amazon's cybersecurity guardian. As the technical lead of the company's "bug bounty" program, he rewarded hackers for uncovering software vulnerabilities. But somewhere along the way, Ahmed's moral compass veered off course. His descent into criminality coincided with personal struggles, exacerbated by poor mental health. Lawyers pleaded for leniency, emphasizing that Ahmed's stolen fortune had been earmarked for a sibling's medical expenses.

In court, Ahmed expressed remorse. "Filled with shame and disappointment," he confessed, attempting to downplay the gravity of his actions. "It was more akin to a cheat code in a video game than a hack that undermined the financial system," he argued.

Prosecutors disagreed. They labeled Ahmed's conviction as "first-of-its-kind," advocating for a four-year prison sentence. The judge ultimately settled on three years, a stern reminder that even in the digital age, crime carries consequences. Ahmed's tale serves as a cautionary reminder: behind every line of code lies the potential for both creation and destruction.

Ref: *Bloomberg*

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