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Mr. Robot - Hack Sense Review (Part - 1)

As you all know, Mr. The Robot series is one of the best hacker movies ever with real world taste. The actors are also great and the technical background is totally cool. It must be said that it is a beautiful series. That is Mr. When I have some free time, I can watch the Hack chapters and content from the Robot series, either on YouTube or I decided to post it on my blog. The picture shown in this article is Mr. The opening scene of Robot - Season 1, Episode 1. In the scene where Elliot goes to tell the owner of the restaurant, Ron, here are some of the words he says.

I know you run a website called plato's voice, you're using tor networking to keep the servers anonymous. you made it really hard for anyone to see it. but i saw it

the onion rooting protocol it's not as anonymous as you think it is whoever's in control of the exit nodes is also in control of the traffic which makes me the one in control

There is a very unclear issue. Tor is a protocol used to hide what users are doing on the Internet.

How it works is that it continues to the first entry node. Then from the entry node to the midpoint node, through the midpoint node to the exit node, and then through the exit node to the website.

Look at the picture. The nodes participating in this exchange only know the IP address of the previous node and the next node. So what the website sees is the IP address of the exit node that connects to it. So, to know the real IP, we have to trace step by step from the exit node to the midpoint node, from the minpoint node to the entry node, and from the entry node to the user, which is impossible.

There are mainly 2 types of tor attacks.

First, when you run the nodes, you can see who connected to the entry node.

From there, you can identify which address you are trying to connect to.

The second attack is the exit node. Let's simply remember that the exit node is a VPN. He is the one who connects us to the website we want to connect to. If the attacker is inside our WiFi network, it is possible to use a man in the middle attack to capture the traffic. That is, adding malware, You can attack the website using methods such as injection.

In the story, Ron uses a hidden website (onion) running on the tor network. So, we have to consider that there is no exit node.

Then it's impossible that Elliot actually found Ron's hidden website directly. But because he is in Ron's network, Elliot can find the onion site if he has found Ron's email through that, and that is the Onion Site registered mail.

However, it is impossible to hack Ron's hidden website using the exit node.

I think I can understand it moderately. See you in the next episode.

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Thank you , all 

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