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BSSID, ESSID and SSID are used to describe sections of a Wireless Network (WLAN). They also have different meanings. If we are a normal WiFi user, it only applies to the broadcast SSIDs needed to connect to the WiFi network. If you are not a user but a network administrator, BSSID, Regarding ESSIDs, there will be a few things that need to be maintained.

What is SSID ?
SSID stands for Service Set Identifier. There may be many WiFi channels in the air around us. That's why each WLAN should have a different name. This is called Service Set Identifier (SSID). There is another one who behaves similarly to him. ESSID. E stands for Extended. If we just use a normal network connection, we will mainly use the SSID/ESSID. For example, let's say I turn on WiFi and search for nearby channels.
From the lines that will be found, you have to find the line that you want to connect to and connect. When connecting, you only need to type a password according to its system. There is also a way to enter Username & Password. Another thing is that multiple SSIDs can be assigned to a single WiFi broadcast device. It will be clearer if you look at the example of the image below.

In the picture above, you can see that the Administrator has created separate SSIDs for Student, Faculty SSID and Voice SSID. You can separate SSIDs from a single WiFi router. In some routers, separate SSIDs can even be limited by line strength. For example, from a 50 mbps line to a guest, a limit of 10 mbps is set. If you have a guest, you can use the line. That's it. 

What is BSSID ?

For devices in a WLAN, packets need to reach the right destination. Even in the presence of overlapping WLANs, it is necessary to be able to maintain packets correctly. To do this, the Basic Service Set Identifier (BSSID) is used.

Look at the picture below. Access Point in a WLAN network.

Let's say we are using phone and WiFi in the above network. BSS may change when we take the phone from one room to another. Because we go from the area of one access point to the area of another. But our connection will not be lost.

Access Point's MAC address is used as BSS (BSSID).

These letters may seem boring to you.

If you want to remember, note this...

SSID or ESSID is the name of the network you will connect to (WiFi network name).

BSSID is the Mac Address of the Access Point (AP) broadcasting the WiFi channel.

Mr. Robot series, In Season 1, Episode 6, in the scene where Eliot tries to open the prison doors, when showing the phone screen in Eliot's hand, it looks like the following picture.

I'm sure , now, you know it.

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