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Book I like to take pictures. The Burmese word for taking pictures can be wrong, so to be precise, it can be said that I like to take pictures of others. But I didn't really understand photography. I didn't take a good photo either.

These days, everyone has a camera in their hand that can take pictures. Smartphones are also competing with me to take better photos, so you can see that smartphone cameras these days are almost as convenient as a normal camera.

Due to the impact of the modern age, the number of people who travel during their free time is increasing every year. (2020 - 2021 - not included while writing this book) There were many memorable trips in my life.

I used to take hundreds of photos for every trip, but I didn't get too many that I liked. So I didn't get many good photos even with my loved ones who went with me.

Some took only a few pictures to save phone storage. But I noticed that although the number of pictures from them is small, almost every picture is good. From there, I started thinking, "It's the same as when I shoot with a phone, but why is it not as beautiful as it should be when I take it?"

Yes. I have to say that this book was born out of my love for being able to capture beautiful pictures for my loved ones. In addition, this book is not only for those who want to take beautiful photos, but also for those who want to have beautiful photos of themselves.

Read this book and try the methods in practice. Except for those who have studied photography systematically, I guarantee that the scale of your friend's photography will be much better than it is now. If it doesn't get any better, shoot me wherever you see me (with a camera, of course). Order

Khit Minnyo

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