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NetHunter For Android - Rootless Edition (2022 Updated)

There are phone types that officially support Kali Nethunter ROM. Officially support is error free. If you have anything, you can go to at that address and use it without your phone. NetHunter ROM is a very good Android system for learning hacking. ROMs are also provided for those not in the official list, but at your own risk.
So NteHunter Rootless Edition will be the most convenient for many. One thing is that our phone doesn't have root access, so it's not convenient to do everything. There will be a measure that can be done. But you can learn a lot more than this. So they put it as convenient.


  • Before installing, you need to download and install the NetHunter-Store app from The required applications are Termux, NetHunter-KeX client and Hacker's keyboard

    Termux apk cannot be downloaded from PlayStore. You can install it from fdroid or NetHunter Store. If you have the necessary applications

    You will need to open Termux and type the following. Just type or paste commands after $.

kali@kali:~$ termux-setup-storage
kali@kali:~$ pkg install wget
kali@kali:~$ wget -O install-nethunter-termux
kali@kali:~$ chmod +x install-nethunter-termux
kali@kali:~$ ./install-nethunter-termux


You should know about commands, ...

nethunterStart Kali NetHunter command line interface
nethunter kex passwdSetting a password for KeX (only needed for the first time)
nethunter kex &Start Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience user sessions 
nethunter kex stopClose (exit) Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience 
nethunter <command>Running Commands in NetHunter 
nethunter -rStart Kali NetHunter cli as root
nethunter -r kex passwdSetting root password for kex
nethunter -r kex &Login as root in Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience 
nethunter -r kex stopClose Kali NetHunter Desktop Experience root sessions 
nethunter -r kex killClose all in KeX sessions 
nethunter -r <command>Running <command> in NetHunter environment as root

If you use Kex, open the KeX client app. Type password and connect.

If you want a better viewing experience, KeX Client has Advanced Settings. Open it and adjust the resolution to your liking.


  1. At first, type this command  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y It is important. That command will update & upgrade Kali in your Termux environment. If you want to install other tools for hacking, run this command  sudo apt install -y kali-linux-default . This command will install default tools in your phone.
  2. You can't have high hopes for every tool inside. For example, you can use Metasploit. But you will not get database support. Please remember that what you have in your hands is a rootless android.
  3.  Commands like "top" cannot be used on unrooted phones. 
  4. Non-root users have root access in chroot. Use caution.
  5. Galaxy phones prevent non-root from using sudo. You can use "su -c" instead. 😁
  6. Backup Kali rootfs by properly closing NetHunter sessions. If you need to repeat a private backup  Type this in Termux   tar -cJf kali-arm64.tar.xz kali-arm64 && mv kali-arm64.tar.xz storage/downloads . If you don't know how to use it, you don't need it. Also, you may have to change "armhf" to "arm64" on your phone's system.

Thank you for visiting and reading

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