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If I am going to buy a laptop to study hacking, what do I usually choose..

This is a question that is often asked, but there are still people who want to know about it.


 If I am going to buy a laptop to study hacking, what do I usually choose..


I am not a brand hater. But there are some brands that I think I shouldn't buy. (When I posted the video, some sellers attacked the brand.) I have to say the same thing now. A laptop is a companion that will be with you for a long time. If you have enough money to exchange things you don't like, buy only good ones from the market. Can't be wrong.

Since we bought it for the purpose of learning hacking, we will be using Kali Linux, Parrot Security OS, Other Linux, etc. In all fairness, I would use Windows if I wanted to. So, laptops that already have a Windows license will cost us extra money if we have to add the value of Windows to us.

Another thing (when ignorant people come to buy from some computer stores, they often add Windows 11 and the latest version) Windows 11 is not the latest version every time. About 10 years ago, a laptop can be installed with a slight upgrade.

Lest we lose the original title, let's continue.

There are brands that I don't like (starters I don't think I should buy).

Acer, Hp, Lenovo. Next is the MSI Gaming Series. You shouldn't buy it. If you use Kali, you may experience disappointment for starters.

Brands I like

Dell, Asus, Fujitsu, Mi, MacBook etc.

Now that you have the brand names you should choose, I will talk about the things you should choose

  1. Choose the one with Intel Chip. Although AMD can also be used, I prefer Intel. i3, i5, i7, etc.
  2. Choose the one that is convenient for the amount you will use.
  3. Select Screensize. For me, 13 inches, 14 inches are not very comfortable. I began to strain my eyes. I prefer 15.6 and above. It is easier to damage the eyes. It is also clear in working.
  4. RAM must be at least 4GB. (Nowadays, I don't think there is anything lower than that) When learning hacking, you need to be able to install Labs in VirtualBox and test it. So when training, 4GB RAM will not give good performance. So 8GB is enough. So, if your computer only has 4GB of RAM, you can increase it to 8GB. When you plant it again, the RAM slot speaks. If you want to upgrade to 8GB when there is only one RAM slot, you have to remove the original 4GB and add 8GB. If there were only 2 RAM slots, then by adding another 4GB RAM card, you can get 8GB RAM. Low cost of course. So, what you have to choose at this stage is which RAM slot you have. But if you have enough money, it's more clear to buy the one with 8GB or 16GB of RAM. ๐Ÿ˜
  5. Even better if you can choose to buy one with SSD. If you can't do it now, it doesn't matter. You can remove the HDD and install the SSD later. If you attach an external case to the removed HDD and use it as an external HDD, it will be ready for data backup.
  6. The battery will also be included. The longer the battery lasts, the more convenient it is. The fact that you should not choose the Gaming Series is that it is heavy to carry and the battery does not last long.
  7. The last thing is money. It is best to go to computer stores and buy the computers you can afford with the money you have. If you have trouble choosing it yourself, there are big trusted computer stores on Facebook. You can check and buy from there. There are groups that resell good second ones to individual users. If you search and join and keep an eye on it, you will often find a good price among the ones that suit you. For example - if you buy a MacBOOk, you can watch the resale posts on Fb groups like MUM. If you think it's worth buying, you can check it yourself and buy it, so even if it's second hand, it's often cool. If you can afford it, buy a new one.

Why choose a laptop? Is desktop better?

We chose the laptop because of its portability. It's because it already has a WiFi card and a Bluetooth card. Hacking is not something that can only be done from one place. Hacking can't always be done from home. I have to go out when I need to. If you want to see more, my favorite hacker movie is Mr. Watch Robot episodes. It will become visible. So if you buy a desktop, no matter how good it is, you can't carry it anywhere. The downside is that the WiFi adapter you buy for the desktop may not work for WiFi hacking. Nowadays, it is not easy for people in Myanmar to find a good WiFi adapter. Laptops already have WiFi adapters, and many of them are wireless cards that can be used for WiFi hacking. And because of the laptop's battery, it's useful during times when there's no light.

I've said what I should have said, so I'll conclude with what I like the most. In the past, I really liked the Mi Notebook Pro. In terms of Price to Performance, it looks good. I am a heavy user. After using it for about a year, the CPU fan made a ticking sound. The 2 speakers also crackle. It's not because I'm alone. There are many people who are doing the same. A friend of mine is an Acer fan. He has about ten Acers. There are only 6 keyboards that are broken. ☺️ He said that keyboard typing is rough in terms of their work. Now they are using big laptops with external keyboards.

A laptop is a partner that will be with us for a long time. The more carefully you choose, the more relaxed you will be in the future. When it comes to my favorite laptops, I really like the Dell XPS developer edition. I also really like MacBook Pros. I also like many of the Asus ones. If it's from Dell, I also like the Gaming Series like the G5 15. I also like Alienware. My favorite is the intel MacBook Pro. I haven't used the MacBooks that come with the arm arch like the M1 and M2, so I can't say for sure. Because of the ARM architecture, there may still be many things that are not convenient.

That's it, I think it's ready to buy.

Let's all be ready.

Thank you for visiting here. ๐Ÿ˜

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