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Chapter 2 - (Studying Default Camera Applications)


About Camera Applications On Our Phones

Here, physically, our phones will not have the same camera. In addition to the different megapixels, there may also be differences according to the sensor company. We don't need to do anything about these, so we just write about the camera app.

The phone applications that can open the camera called camera application may be slightly different due to different phone manufacturers. But there are many similarities. Let's take a look at the camera apps of some of the phones around me to make these more visible than what I'm talking about.

As we all know, Xiaomi is a very popular phone in our country. I am currently using it with the mi 8 model. I think it's the same as the rest.

If you look at the picture above, you will see Pro, Video, Photo, Portrait and More, and in More you can see Night, Short Video, Panorama, Slow Motion and Time-Lapse. 

In the Pro menu, you will find some manual adjustments, and if you click on the menu, you will see something like the picture on the right above.  

Samsung uses it from the Galaxy Note 10+. When you open it, you will see Single Take, Photo, Video and more, and you will see a small setting button. In more, you will see a lot more as above.

There may be some differences depending on the model. But like other model phones, you have to count Pro, Panorama, Night, Portrait, Slow Motion and Hyperlapse. We will mainly discuss common things.

The most common phones around are Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, iPhone, etc. I won't show all the pictures anymore. After looking at all of them, if you pick out the parts that have similarities, you will find similarities in Photo, Video, Slow Motion, Portrait, Time-lapse and panorama.

First of all, let's create grid lines. (Some people don't want to show the grid because the lines are confusing in the scene. Let me make a request to show them.

How to open it, just open the Camera App and click on settings, you will see a grid. Just open it. In Xiaomi phones, you don't need to press settings. If you look back at the xiaomi picture above, you will see the show grid button after clicking the menu. 

On One Plus, open the Camera App and click on settings. When you click on the Grid, you will see another option as above. Let's just choose 3 x 3 to make it all the same. Let's try to study the rest later.

On the iPhone, there is no settings button in the camera app. You have to open it from the settings (app) and open it in the camera.

As above, you will see Grid in the composition. Just open it. Now that Gridline is open, let's talk about each of the main similarities we'll actually be using. But we all already know how to use photo, video, and portrait, so we left it because it might be boring. I will only speak when necessary.

So, in order to get better quality in every picture taken with our phone camera, let's talk about the little things -

  1. Use Grid (Gridlines).
  2. Enable Mirror Front Camera in Camera settings. (When it's not turned on, when we take a selfie that's on the right, we'll see that we're on the left when it comes out.)
  3. Turn off View Outside the Frame in iPhone Cameras. (If you don't turn it off, you won't get everything on the screen, so it can be confusing to shoot)
  4. Turn on HDR. (On some phones, it is sometimes more convenient to turn off HDR. Try shooting with HDR turned on and off, then take four or five shots each. Use only what is convenient.)

(One thing to add is that iPhones have smart HDR, but it has been disabled since iPhone 13. The reason why it is not included is because it is set to default. It means that it is not added because there is no need to turn it on/off.)

  1. Hold the phone steady.
  2. Learn to use the camera as soon as possible. (You can open the camera and take pictures without opening the screen lock. Otherwise, you may miss some pictures that need to be taken)
  3. That's it for now. If you need anything else, I will tell you again when I get to the right place.

Next part to be continued...

Thank you very much for visiting and reading

Khit Minnyo

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