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Some 100% free tools that can reduce large video file sizes without reducing quality

Why do you need to reduce video size?

We want to send files to one place. Either in the email attachment or When you need to upload in places with limited size, or Even if you save it to your phone, it may happen later when storage problems arise.

There will be a lot of spare video files that need to be deleted. If you save these to save storage, you will have much more capacity.

And for people like me who upload video lessons online, if the file size I created is too big, it won't happen again. Those who have to download with mobile data are still suffering.

If you reduce the size, the quality will go down and it will be blurry.

Because of this, it is an important issue for me to reduce the video size without reducing the quality.

Reasons for Big Video File Size

I used to post many lessons on professional video editing using DaVinci Resolve, which is 100% free, on a YouTube channel that has failed regarding video editing. I didn't answer the questions because I didn't have more time. I can't answer for sure about color grading as I'm not an expert myself, but I'd like to talk a little bit about Video Output.

Want to use a professional video editor? DaVinci Resolve is the best pro editor if you want to use something that is official and free, not cracked. If you want to use DavinResolve which is 100% free on Windows & Mac, you can download via the following link.  Although it is also available in Linux, it works fine in Linux Mint. Change to Ubuntu is fine, but not in Kali.

Let's say that it is consistent with the title.

However, there are many reasons why a video file size increases.

Size varies depending on resolution, bitrate, video length, frame rate, encoding, etc.

I will describe some of the things you should know. It can be considered as some important points. Because that's not all.

1. Resolution: 

This is what we all already know. Resolution is measured in pixels. The more megapixels, the larger the file size will be. The higher the resolution, the better the quality and the larger the file size.

2. Bitrate: 

Bitrate is measured in Mpbs & kbps. The amount of information to be transmitted in one second can be seen in Mbps or kbps. The more information that needs to be transmitted in one second, the higher the bitrate value, and the larger the file size. That's why the bitrate fluctuates and the site lags when it's quiet.


3. Video length: 

If the video is long, the size is large. It goes without saying.

4. Frame Rate: 

Frame rate is expressed in fps (Frame Per Second). The higher the fps, the larger the file size. Normally, you can shoot at 30 fps.

There are other factors that determine the file size, such as audio sample rate, rendering quality, buffer size, etc.

Now that you know what you should know, I will continue to tell you how to reduce the size. 

There are many tools for that. The result is shown at the bottom.

1. VLC (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Many people already know VLC Player. It can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. It is an app that is familiar to almost everyone.

  You can change it by uploading it to open media from Media > Convert/Stream. Choose profile has many options. This is shown by default. You can also tweak a lot in Customize. Then remember the setting that you think is most convenient.

Then select Save as file in Choose Destination and just click Save. You will have to wait a while for processing.

2. Shotcut (Windows, Mac, Linux)

This app is suitable for Linux, so it can also be used for casual video editing.

Download Shotcut

In Kali, you can use apt install shotcut before. I don't know if I can get it now. If not, you can download the app from the link.

Open file and select the file you want to open, and if there is nothing to edit, click export. If you still want to edit, click edit.

Export the video file on shotcut

Select the H.264 Baseline Profile as shown in the example. At the bottom of the second column, click on Export file, Reset, Advanced and then enter 16:9 as the aspect ratio as shown in the picture. The site will be significantly reduced.

3. QuickTime Player (Windows & Mac)

Apple's default media player is QuickTime. It has been released for Windows and can be downloaded here. 

Open the file you want to open from File > Open File.

File > Export As. Choose from 1080p, 720p, 480p, etc.

I chose 1080p because I didn't want to lose quality. Then just choose where you want to save it and click save. 

The remaining 2 below are online tools.

Upload and download again. I can't say anymore.

4. VEED (Web)

5. VideoSmaller (Web)

5. YouTube (Web)

Web Link ==> (Upload it unlisted on youtube and try downloading it again by yourself with a downloader. The site will be significantly reduced.

Result (not include online tools) Try Yourself

The original file is highlighted. Mov recorded with Record IT pro. The original size is 425 MB. 22 minute presentation.
With VLC it is reduced to 17.4 MB. wow ☺️(The quality is a bit low 😏Presentation, so it's not too bad. It's obvious. The site has also decreased a lot.)

With Shotcut, it drops to 425.4 to 88 MB. The size has been reduced to 5 pictures. The quality is not well known. To know for sure. So happy to use.

With Quicktime, the site is not very well known. Although the quality is not bad at all, it doesn't make much sense to use it.

Try it yourself and use what you like.

Handbrake is the best tool for video resizing.

Thank you for reading.

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