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How Should We Install And Use Kali Linux


Basic Concept

There are people who have heard about Kali Linux. This is no shame. Not knowing is better than not wanting to know.

There are things you don't teach in many basic computer courses. Among them, we can see that they even issued a Basic Certificate without mentioning anything related to the Operating System.

According to the manufacturer, there are 2 main types of computers that we know: PC and Mac. PCs are made by many manufacturers, so you can see them with many brands.

Toshiba, Fujitsu, Samsung, MSI, Dell, Hp, Acer, Asus, ...etc. A lot. There are even Xiaomi, Huawei etc. Let it be.

Macs are computers made by Apple, the company that makes iPhones.

According to the manufacturer, it can be divided into 2 main types depending on the build system.

  Desktop and Laptop. Desk Top (Desktop) is the type that is convenient to put on the table. The type that can be easily used while sitting on your lap is Laptop (Lap Top).

Laptops are even divided into laptops and notebooks. Smaller, lighter, thinner, etc. are produced. Ultrabook, MacBook, Notebook, Chromebook, etc. are notebooks.

Let's see some pictures. 

Desktop PC

A picture of a desktop PC. It's just a scene on the table. There's also a UPS under the table to power it. 

Desktop PC with UPS

iMac (Desktop)

Laptops, as we all know, are of various brands, There are many forms. 

In summary, All of them are computers.  Some said "I don't have a computer, I only have a laptop," . Note that they are computers.


In all computers, the parts made of touchable objects such as mouse, keyboard, screen, etc. are called hardware.

If it's hardware only, the computer won't be able to do anything. Pressing the power button will only turn on the light. There is a core system that creates and drives the operation to make the computer hardware work. It is called Operating System.

It's an operating system, and you can't touch it like a keyboard, mouse, etc. It's like the thoughts in our brain. If you pierce our skull, you can see the brain inside. Hardware. But when the feeling of cramping appeared, I automatically stretched out my arms. I hit it when the mosquito bit me, The act of scratching when itchy comes from a command from the brain. Because of the very fast processing down to milliseconds, we don't even notice the darn operations. The operating system that provides such services cannot be touched and looked at. That is called software.

Although our brain can do automatic response

A person who has never learned can't read and can't do other activities without learning. In order to know that 1+1=2, we can study the math program again. Similarly, programs can be installed to perform other functions on the operating system. For example, to use Facebook on your phone, you need to install it. They are called software.

The main thing I want to say is that any computer needs an operating system (OS).

When we go to the computer store to buy a computer, we may have heard people say how many versions of Windows are installed. (If it's convenient, you can put it anywhere you want)

Windows is an operating system. The most used operating system in the phones we hold in our hands is Android OS. That is why they are called Android phones. iPhone uses iOS.

There are operating systems that can be used on computers.

Common OS like Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome etc.

Most people use the Windows operating system produced by Microsoft.

It is a closed source OS. Microsoft owns and sells the OS for a fee. If you steal without purchasing a license (like here), it's a crime.

The second most used is Linux. You can easily remember that Linux is an OS that uses the Linux Kernel. Keep in mind that Kernel is the translator that communicates between the Computer Hardware and the Operating System. Because the letter is already too long ☺️

Although it is Linux, it would be more correct to call it GNU/Linux. They call it easy, it's Linux OS.

There are so many choices in GNU/Linux. Most of them are officially free OS and there are few OS that are sold for a fee.

According to research, the most widely used Linux distros are Debian Based Linux.

If you want to learn about Linux distributions, you can learn at Now in Myanmar, you will be able to access it with a VPN.

Kali, which we will discuss now, is a Debian Based Linux Distro from among the Linux Distros.


There are 3 ways to use Kali Linux.

  1. Kali Only (Using Only Kali Linux Operating System)
  2. Kali & Other (e.g. Windows, ...) Dual Boot
  3. Virtual Machine 

Kali Only is clear.

People who will play games that are not available in Kali, those who will use Microsoft Office althought there are many Office Applications, and  users of the computer provided by the offices should not be used Kali Only.

If you use Kali and Windows dually, it will be more convenient if you have installed operating systems. For newbies, if you have important data on your device, you should backup it to an external drive. It will be more convenient if you partition in advance before installing Dual. If you want it easy, you can use Mini Partitioning Tool. 

You can download ==>  

For those who are going to use Kali on Virtual Machines, on Windows

You can use VMWare & VirtualBox. For those who are already using Linux, you can use VirtualBox. For Mac OS users, we recommend using VMWare Fusion. Free.

Try it. Study. Use it. You will become one with Kali when you can easily manage your daily tasks on Kali.

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