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How To Download Kali ISO Without Errors (For Myanmar)


The Way to Download Kali ISO without Errors        

         If you are going to use Kali, the main point is the word Make Your Own. Since we are going to use Linux, it will be natural for us to create the Linux Installer ourselves. I bought a Kali installer disc (DVD disc) from the store and it failed to install. I have consulted many people who have failed and become unable to do anything.

          When downloading Kali ISO, it is easy to download from HTTP direct download, so most people just download it from there. Due to the network connection situation in Myanmar, you may encounter some error, so you should not download from there. I recommend downloading from torrent.

          To download the Kali iso, you can go to and click on the Get Kali page. you can directly type and go.

Kali ISO Official Download Link


You can download it from the above link. When you go to the Kali Download page, what you will see will be different according to the developer's idea. You can also find different styles from this picture. How does the website look? Look at the main point rather than how much the version is.

This is the design as I write this. Just click Installer Images. Even if you are installing in VirtualBox or VMWare, choose Installer Images.

Once you have clicked on Installer Images, you will be taken to this location. 64bit, 32bit and for Apple M1 you will see 3 different headers. 64 is already selected by default. I will draw like that. You should see in the image that there are 4 draws for 64 bit. Run the Installer. You should see the installer listed as recommended on the Kali site. If you want to download all the tools, click Everything. Do not Download  NetInstaller and Weekly Version.
(And If you are in Myanmar, And don't click the download arrow. Click on Torrent.)

If this option appears again, just select Save torrent file.

         Since it is downloaded from Torrent, a small torrent file will be downloaded first. The file size is about KB. It's not the Kali ISO yet. Let's just say it's the torrent address of the Kali ISO. You need some torrent software to open the damn file. Debian Linux users can easily install torrent software like qbittorrent with apt install, but those who will try Kali from now on can be Windows or Mac. You can install and use any torrent software.

          If I have to recommend for you, you can install and use uTorrent software.

          You can also search for uTorrent on Google or go to the link below. 

uTorrent Official Download Link

         You can download and use uTorrent Web. Since it is drawn from the browser, it will be more convenient. If you have downloaded and installed the Torrent Software, you can open the Kali iso torrent file that you just downloaded.


When you open the Torrent file, it will appear as above in the Default Browser. Click Add. Note that Brave Browser is not suitable for default users. You can open it with another browser.


This picture has been found. See in the picture. Downloading is on. After it reaches 100%, it will change from Downloading to seeding. Then you get it. In the Download folder, you will find a folder named kali-linux-2021-2-installer-amd64-iso. Kali iso will be there.

          Now you can download Kali ISO from torrent without error. 

Go to Kali Book's Main Menu ==>> Go to Kali Book's Main Menu  
Go to Kali Book's Main Menu

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