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Creating Kali Installer USB


         Kali ISO has been downloaded, so the only thing left to do is to install it.

          This step is completely unnecessary for those who will use VirtualBox or VMWare. Only those who will install Dual or Kali Only should do it.

          You can download the necessary software at

Download BalenaEtcher

         Linux users can use the dd command to create without any additional software. So I will talk only for Windows & Mac users. Download & install BalenaEtcher. Then open.

          You will need a memory stick (8GB or above) because you will be doing the USB installer. At the time of this writing, I don't have a sitck ready, so I'm going to use the memory card (16GB) + adapter I have.

          If you open Balena Etcher, you should see something like below.

         It's easy to use him. First, click on Flash from file and select the Kali ISO that has already been downloaded.

After selecting Kali ISO, continue to click on Select Target to select USB.

If only one stick is installed, only one stick will be on. Select and click select.

Then, click Flash button.

It will ask your password to confirm.

Now, the flashing process has started, and when it reaches 100%, it will appear that it is complete.


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