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the Kali Linux - The Most Used OS By Hackers - Part 5


2.1. Installing Applications on Kali Linux  

          You may hear from many places that Kali should not be used by newbies to Linux because it is difficult to install applications. For those new to Linux, you may be wondering if Kali is that difficult. The answer to this is no.

           Let's think about it a bit. No matter what operating system we use, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, etc., there is the same thing. There are many OS but let's say Android OS is familiar to everyone. What should I do if I want to install an application? I don't think it's even necessary to start.

           Since it's Android, I'll go to the PlayStore. I will find the app there. If I find it, I will install it there. If you can't find it, find it from a third party source and download and install it. Because yes? If you're on Windows, you'll find it in the WinStore. If you can't find it, download and install it from the official website of the relevant software. Why is it difficult? Same goes for Linux. In Kali Linux, you will also find it from its App Store. If found, install from there. If you don't see it, just download and install it from the relevant official website. Why is this more difficult than Kali Linux? 😁

           In this section, this step-by-step installation image, How to search for software will be described. If you're reading this, you're already using Kali or not. It will determine whether you are already in a position to use it. So if you want to use it, I encourage you to use it boldly. In my blog, there are a lot of things you should know about Kali, including why and how to clear common errors. Don't be afraid of change. Think before you decide. If you've decided, go ahead. Just keep going until you can use just about anything (except games) with Kali. If you don't want to do it from the beginning, don't do it, no problem. After thinking about it, decide. continue with the decision; Don't be a poor person who turns back halfway.

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2.1.1.  Installing From Store

         The header is placed from the Store to make it easy for people to understand. In Linux, it is called source (repository). So, if you change Store to Source, the concept is the same as Windows and Android. that's it. It's not difficult. I think it will be clearer if you show it in practice. It looks like installing apps from the AppStore on Android or iOS that you already know. Let's find and install vlc player in Kali Linux.

kmn@AiO:~$  sudo apt search vlc

          You can search by typing sudo apt search vlc as above. Because I'm looking for vlc player. I type sudo because you need super user access (root access) when using apt commands. I will talk about these things in more detail later.

          When you type any command with sudo for the first time, you should see the image above. The password is to enter the password we used to log in and press enter. Note that when you type sudo password (when you type the password in Terminal) you will not see anything. All you need to do is type and press Enter. It's easy. After this time, there won't be many more messages like that. After typing sudo, there is only one line to enter the password. And after opening a terminal and typing sudo, you don't need to enter a password again until you close the terminal. If you close Terminal or If you type sudo in a new terminal, you will need to re-enter the password.

kmn@AiO:~$  sudo apt search vlc
[sudo]  password for kmn:
vlc/kali-rolling amd64
  multimedia player and streamer

         The picture shows the closest you will see. When you enter the sudo password, you will find the application called vlc, since it is used with apt search. Every package with vlc will be listed, so you won't see just one like in the picture. A lot to see. This is because I chose it. The vlc I searched for appears to be vlc/kali-rolling amd64. / is the package name in front of it. It is shown in different colors. You can see it in the picture above. amd64 is because my system is 64bit. Those who installed 32bit should see i386. Then I read the description for it and found that it is a multimedia player and streamer. I said. I'm looking for VLC Player. This is the real package I'm looking for because I want to play Movs and music. So its package name is vlc. We found that only small letters. So I know that the VLC player I want is in the source (Store). Now, we already know the package name. So you can install it using sudo apt install package_name. We can use search for searching and install for installing. It's not hard to remember.

kmn@AiO:~$  sudo apt install vlc

         When installing, it usually asks if we want to continue with this telling how many MB of data can be consumed to install the package,  stating how much storage space it will take up, etc. Study the picture below.

          If you look at the picture, do you want to continue? You should see [Y/n]. If yes, type y and enter, and if no, type n. If you look back at the yes or no question, you will see that Y is capitalized and n is lowercase. Y means Default. Since the default is Y, if you continue, you can also type y and enter, and if you press Enter again, it will be Y. This yes or no is not asked in every apt install. I don't usually ask for packages that are too small in file size. And I don't usually ask about essential tools or packages. It will be added directly. So don't default. If you ask, answer If you don't ask, you just don't answer.

kmn@AiO:~$  sudo apt install vlc -y

         If we don't like answering yes when asked yes or no, You can make pre-answer for yes, for that you can add the -y parameter as above. By adding this, if you ask yes or no, answer yes, so you don't have to answer again. To understand more, let's install libreoffice.

kmn@AiO:~$  sudo apt install libreoffice -y

          Now let's find some Photo Editor. Suppose you don't know the package name. sudo apt search photo edit.

          If you read the search results, you will find many. You can find package names such as fotoxx, clementine, darktable, gimp, and under them, it is easy to read what the tool (program) is. Just select the package you want to install from this and install it. Try using the photo editors listed here. It's really cool. If gimp is Photoshop for Linux. If you want to install all these four with one command line, you can. Just type as follows.

kmn@AiO:~$  sudo apt install fotoxx clementine darktable gimp -y

          Although packages like gimp require a lot of dependencies, apt install will also install the necessary dependencies, so it will be easy to complete. Just wait for a while.

          If you want to uninstall any package you have installed, you can use sudo apt remove package_name -y. For example -

kmn@AiO:~$  sudo apt remove gimp -y

         I will also uninstall. If you want to delete the data like relevant settings as well, you must use the sudo apt purge package_name form.

kmn@AiO:~$  sudo apt purge gimp -y

          Now, you can use apt commands.

2.1.2.  Installing From Other Sources

          As I said from the beginning, How to install the packages that are not in the source, search, download and then install this way. Let's be practical.

           Kali has a built-in Firefox browser as a browser. Let's install Chrome Browser in practice.

kmn@AiO:~$  sudo apt search chrome browser

          When I search, I still can't find the chrome browser in the source. So, I will go to the official website from the Firefox browser that is already included in Kali.

          Download Chrome 

          You should see Debian/Ubuntu by default. Ubuntu is well-known, so I think it's included. Both the Kali we will use Both Ubuntu are Debian based. So I will accept and install.

         Click "Save" and OK.

          Now, we already downloaded Debian package for Chrome browser.

root@kmn:~#  cd Downloads

         Use cd Downloads in the terminal to enter the Downloads folder. cd stands for change directory. In Linux, folders are called directories. You can check what is in the current directory using the ls command. Unlike Windows, Linux systems are case sensitive. This means that the uppercase and lowercase letters are completely indistinguishable.

          When you look at the list with ls, you will see the file named google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb as above. .deb file. .deb stands for Debian Package. You can use dpkg -i to install files of this type. dpkg stands for Debian Package. -i (parameter) means to install.

         When installing with dpkg -i file_name, you should see the above error because there is no sudo access.

          Enter sudo. As usual, you must enter the sudo password (Login Password). After that, you will see the installation as above picture.

          After installation, by default, it will go to the Internet section in the Usual Applications menu. Firefox Browser can also be found there.

          You can right click and add to favorite. Then, just open the menu next time. See the image below.

          You will find it at the bottom of the Favorites list. You can still move him around by dragging. You should also try Add to panel, desktop, etc.

          Now you can install Chrome Browser successfully. One of the deb packages was installed. That's not enough yet. Let's install Teamviewer software.

Teamviewer for Linux Download link

         You muse download Debian package for Kali Linux.

          Just like in the Chrome browser, go to the Downloads directory and install with sudo dpkg -i. But the error must be seen in the result. If you read error information carefully, you will see Dependency error. This means that the necessary packages to run the TeamViewer software are not yet in our system. For that, you have to rely on the source first.

          You can solve that like above. The command is below.

root@kmn:~#  sudo apt --fix-broken install -y

         I am asked to fix it using apt. I just asked you to fix the broken package that needs the dependency. When doing so, apt first looks for the required dependencies in its source. If you find what you need by installing it yourself, the error will disappear and you will be able to use it. The next -y is pre-added to answer yes or no if asked again.

          Note that apt --fix-broken install may not resolve every dependency error. I just said. First, It looks for what it needs in the source. If the dependencies can be found on source, it will install. But, If not found, the broken package will be removed. I mean to uninstall it. Because its responsibility is to fix the error.

          Therefore, when there is no dependency in the source, we have to find the required file from other places and install it separately. For example - suppose the required dependency is libqt5core5a. You can use google or search directly on the debain package site. We are using Kali. Since Kali is a Debian family, you can find libqt5core5a by installing .deb. libqt5core5a.deb. You can use google to search them.

 I searched from because i need Debian packages. In, you don't need to add file extension (.deb).

          Searched by google. Just a sample. I believe that when you encounter many dependency errors, you will be able to solve them by yourself. If I have to be persistent and have the will to do it, I need a dependency. You can even overcome the repetitive issues of searching again and again.

           That's all for today. If you get any benefit from reading this, I'm happy. In the next part of the next day, we will continue to discuss how to install files other than Deb files. see u .....



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