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the Kali Linux - The Most Used OS By Hackers - Part 3


1.3. Who should use Kali Linux  

About this, I will write only my opinion as a priority. As for Kali's description, I have already mentioned it since the introduction of this book. If you haven't read the introduction yet - 

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             Whenever I am asked what kind of people should use Kali, I always reply, 'Whoever wants to use it should use it'. Some think it is a deliberate answer. it is not. Because we see that our satisfaction should be more priority. Just because Kali has tools for learning hacking is not a good reason. Parrot also has it. Ubuntu can also use those tools. And even on Windows, you can learn hacking using tool boxes like PenTest Box. So if you want to learn hacking, use Kali is definitely not a good answer.

           Another thing is that Kali feels even more secure than other Linux distributions. I told you. This part says what's on my mind. It depends on the feeling, so it will be right. Remember if you like. As mentioned in the previous introduction, Kali uses the upstream Kernel. And every package is carefully checked by reliable developers. Always updated. According to these factors, you can feel more confident in terms of safety. Of course there are weaknesses. keep Just one thing, anyone who wants to use Kali can use Kali.

           As I say this, there may be some questions. So should everyone use it? If you ask this question, I have to answer no. There is a list of people who should not use it. What people shouldn't use ...

  1. The one whatever Linux is OK
  2. Someone who has heard of Linux and wants to use it because others use it
  3. The one who says it's not convenient if you don't play the game
  4. Those who want to use Linux for developing only
  5. A person who is afraid to face difficulties and a person who does not have perseverance when faced with it
  6. The one who want to use only Microsoft Office not the other Office applications
  7. Those who don't have their own computer (those who use someone else's computer or have a computer provided by the office)
  8. A person who lives in a place where the Internet is not accessible
  9. A person who is afraid to fail or make a mistake

For those who have the above points, even if you want to use Kali, I recommend that you only use VirtualBox. If you don't want to use Kali, I encourage you to use it.

1.4. Summarize Kali for Newbies

          One of the main requirements of a computer is the Operating System. Without it, the computer can't do anything. The applications we need to do what we want to do are only supported by the operating system. Operating System will be abbreviated as OS. Let's remember that OS is Operating System.

           There are many OS. Almost all of them are Windows, Android, Mac OS, iOS, Chrome OS, ... People who don't have a computer are also familiar with Android. When we see Android, most of us think of a phone. Yes, almost yes, but not yet. A phone is a phone. In order to be able to carry out the functions just mentioned from the damn phone, we have to install some important OS on it. As iOS became iPhones, Phones that install Android OS become Android Phones. So you need to remember that Android is not a phone. Android is an operating system for Android phones.

           I'm sure almost everyone reading this is familiar with either Android or iOS. When we buy an Android phone from a phone store, in order to get the necessary software, we have to download and install applications such as Facebook, Messenger, Viber, ... from PlayStore or any other store. Some applications are not in the Store. You can install it after downloading it from the relevant official site. Same goes for Kali.

           Android can install applications from PlayStore (Software Center) In Kali too, you can get and install applications from its source (Software Center). All you have to do is use the apt command. Also, when you want 18+ game apk, When you want an apk like YourFreedom, it is no longer available on the PlayStore. When that happens, We have to download it from the available sites. Same with Kali. When you want to use an application that is not in the source, you have to go to the official site of the relevant application and install it. So as far as OSs are different, the basic nature is the same. No need to be afraid. You just need to know how ☺️☺️☺️.

          If you haven't installed Kali as of reading this, no problem. Starting from the next part, you will need to read Kali already installed. Otherwise, it may be forgotten when not in practice.

          Thank you for reading

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