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When buying a laptop, what do I usually look for?

If you buy a computer, what will you look at? There are those who ask. Others watch a lot of things. I don't look at it from an academic point of view. I usually choose what I like. Let's go to a computer store to buy a computer. (I would like to give priority to laptops only) If you disagree with what I will look at first, feel free to disagree. 

1. Decide first what you will use. Most people choose what the hotel is and how much. But we need to think about what we are going to use it for first. For example, you need to buy a Gaming Series without playing the game. Even if some of them are included, you probably don't need them. I don't buy computers that already have licensed Windows. I don't like paying for Windows that comes with Linux only for me. This is the importance of how to use it

  2. Select Screensize. It's important. If you bought it small for portability reasons, it's not a good situation for people who can't strain their eyes like me. That's why I don't choose sites up to 15". At least 15 inches must be more than that. Contrary to me, people who like small choose small. This tells me that Screensize is important.

3. How much should i choose? Some people are very crazy about this. It's better to be able to hold the latest i last generation. But think about whether it will be more expensive. It's not good if I can't afford it. So what parts do you use? In terms of i3, i5, you won't see a significant difference. So, if you want to get it at a reasonable price, you'll choose a high-gen i3 (above 4th gen). It doesn't matter because you can upgrade as you like later. If you are a gamer, choose a higher one. There are even gaming series. This is only for those who will use it in general.

4. Care more about RAM Slots than RAM. Here, 8GB of RAM. I don't really care about 16GB of RAM. I care whether the RAM slot is single slot or twins slot. Single slots are hard to upgrade because only one card can be planted. If you want to upgrade to 8GB on a machine with 4GB RAM in the Twins slots, just buy a 4GB RAM card with the same speed. But in the single slot, the existing 4GB card must be removed and replaced with an 8GB card. As the price has increased, the original RAM card that I have is also in a situation where it has been inserted loosely. As for my favorite, I prefer to be able to use two 16GB cards. 32GB is enough for everything I want to use. So choose more RAM slot.

5. 32bit 64bit for those asking which one to choose. I can't explain anymore. Let me tell you to buy only from 64 bit.

6. HDD or SSD? This is also a point that is different from many of my choices. It's true that SSD is faster, but for me, even now, the maximum SSD that comes out is only up to 512GB, which is disappointing. Even installing a 2TB HDD is too inconvenient for me. The day the 2TB SSD comes out, I'll use it. However, I only care more about RAM. So, for now, I don't prefer SSD as much as RAM. If you don't need to use a lot of space for apps like me, I would choose an SSD. Faster.

7. What brand will you choose?
I am not addicted to brands. But I'm a bit of a brat. If the specifications are the same, I prefer the cheaper one. ๐Ÿ˜ This is why I prefer laptops like DELL. Even though Asus has the same specs, the price is much higher. That's why I don't care about the brand.
1 RAM that I want with twins slots, it is preferred that it can be upgraded to 32GB. In fact, it will be upgraded to 32GB. Even if I can't afford it now, I'll wait a while.
  2. Don't choose SSD. I have a SATA, 2TB HDD ready. External data storage only. So no matter how much gb is inside it is no problem for me.
3. I'm also not discouraged by the fact that it's an i3. You can upgrade to the latest. You can only upgrade to a certain extent.
4. Screensize is convenient for me. Custom design. Choose from the ones that will last longer. If the rest are the same, choose the cheaper one. That's it. I don't think about the rest. I will upgrade the SSD from time to time. RAM will also be upgraded. I'm not interested in how much from the beginning. I'm just interested in how much you can upgrade. i3,5,7 are not hot. I'm not at all worried about what can be upgraded. Because the question asked what would I choose, I answered the same way I would choose in the question and answer section. It doesn't mean that you have to choose according to me at all. I will use it and your friend's needs will be the same. I don't like gaming series at all. I don't understand. I don't like the design. I avoid. The worst thing is that I don't like its Kernel version more. But if your friends are gamers, they will like Gaming series. So I said. When asked what I would choose, I only explained the style I would choose. I think the friends who asked will also be satisfied. See u on next week.

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