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5 ways to hack Facebook and how to protect it. Is it really a Facebook Hack?

About the people who (ephemeral) hacker
(I'm going to write a long post about 5 ways to hack a Facebook account) If you don't read it first, you won't understand what it means.
I know that if I write about this, some people will have a good opinion. But I am writing this post because I really want to be able to understand it because I am experiencing it a lot.
They often say that they are interested in hacking. But the last question of most (99%) is how to hack Facebook account.
Interested in hacking. I didn't accept everyone who said let me teach you.
What is Hacking? What are the benefits of learning hacking?
What kind of people should study?
About what jobs can be done
It has been written. Read and study until you decide that you are really interested. If you want to get access to your Facebook account, you should always say that you should not plan to delete your name from Hacking.
Damn, the problem is that even (.....) are hacking Facebook accounts. I don't study books. You don't even attend the course. So what are you saying?
Do they consider hacking to be just stealing a Facebook account?
They are only interested in the Facebook account, so I have to talk about the Facebook account. I have included a video explaining how to hack Facebook, so please read it carefully.
How to Hack Facebook Account? How to protect.
I have discussed many times. 99% of people who say "Facebook account was hacked" are not actually hacked. Most people who are far away from technology and don't have a passion for learning don't know what and how to access their Facebook account. Did you open your account with your phone number? They don't even know if it's opened with Gmail. So when I log out of my Facebook account and when I switch to a new phone, I can't log in again when I log in.
Some open the account with a phone number. When I select Myanmar in the country field, +95 automatically goes up. But because of something with Acc, the session expires, and when you log in again, you don't enter +95, you enter 09xxxxxxx. I typed in the correct password, but I can't log in. It's because the account has been hacked.
Another thing is that when you open an account, you will receive random names. The patient will not When they open the Acc and give it a name with letters and creases, they say that the account has been hacked, and they get a few reports and the account is locked and can't be logged in again. They don't even know it's locked.
Another group is the kind of people who lie and get hacked. To be clear, I opened many accounts and hacked which acc. It's kind of a lie to say that you're hacking your account by going back into it. So, even those who don't know that he is a hacker, are able to style it like a teacher.
Damn it, we are starting to see that only 1% (one in one) of those who hear and see that our Facebook account has been hacked are actually hacked.
This time, I will separate from those who have actually been hacked.
The most common way to steal Acc from being hacked is the Recovery method. I don't want to deny that pulling Recovery is not Hacking. Hacking has Impersonating. Impersonation and fraud. If you want to recover by impersonating Facebook and get a hacker name, you need to read a little English. You also need to be happy. Now let's get started.
First, open your browser and go to Then click on Forget password and search for account name. (You can also use the id number from the profile link or the user's text id.) Then read the messages that appear step by step and see who I am. I lost my phone and can't access my acc. Since I can't get into the mail anymore, I'm going around on Facebook pretending to be the owner of the account I'm going to take, and asking for it. Because I have photoshop skills, I can post a fake ID (pictures can be taken from the wall). When the Facebook team really thought that and sent the reset link back, the Acc hack happened.
In order to prevent account theft by impersonating, which most people know as recovery
1. Open an account using only your real name (registered name).
2. Leave the Date of Birth as in the register and make it only me.
This method cannot prevent your  friends from knowing your birthday.

3. Register the account with real ID in advance. No matter how the Fb team clear your data, the information is already recorded. So, when recovery workers upload a fake ID, they cannot succeed due to information gaps.
4. Don't use Trusted Contact unnecessarily. Some people recommend using Trusted contact. However, if the person who is trusted is the type of person who visits from the link they found, it is not safe for you to connect to their acc.
5. Get login approval as two factor. However, you should only use phone numbers that cannot be lost. You can also write the backup code in a note (or) diary that you always have at home. When I lose my phone or my SIM card, I'm afraid I won't be able to get back in on my own ๐Ÿ˜
6. This is more important. Since it is a system that cuts data, it removes apps that use the Internet from the background and does not turn off the Internet unnecessarily. When our Acc is active, there is very little opportunity for recovery. People who steal accounts after recovery usually focus on the time when we turn off the internet and go to sleep. On the other hand, when you are using the Internet, Facebook will not easily respond to forget password and impersonation requests.
Now, I have finished telling you about the Fb hack method that is heard the most on internet. I have already told you how to protect it.
Another way will come.
Before starting the second method, let me interrupt. Because it is related to Social Engineering. When using fake information and impersonation, you need exact dates of birth and birth month. Even if they can hide their DOB for the hell of it, you will have seen who's birthday it is today on Noti. This is the fact that even if our DOB is hidden, the other party (impersonator) can know. He would talk to me and ask about my birthday. You should be careful not to ask how old you are (to calculate years).
The second way
Password Guessing
Let me be brief. Some have their phone number, dob Because they often set their boyfriends as passwords, RV crews can easily guess and log in. Some people only use the phone store to open an account while buying a phone, and to make it easy to answer when they forget the password, phone stores tend to use only one password, so it's easy to know.
I have already told you before. You don't need phone (or) email to enter Fb login. It is already included in the profile link.
Don't ask how. Read it again.
Writing this letter is not because I want to raise to steal Fb acc, but how are they stealing. I want to tell you how to protect it.
To protect this method, keep a strong password.
e.g. I don't want you to think that it is not enough to use password related with Acc Name like khitminnyo123, khitminnyo*124#. Easy is saying that.
The third way
Although I don't see this method much anymore
In fact, it is still found. In the apps that steal likes like Auto liker found in PlayStore, it is often found together with Phishing and Session Stealing. There are many people who misunderstand the concept that it is safe to download from PlayStore. In fact, the protection of PlayStore is only protection from dangerous apps that can damage our phone, it does not protect against phishing and session stealing. Token access must also be avoided on their own. Google can't access them.
If you find it on your own and flag it, it will be checked. This is no.
So there is no reason to trust the software, Never log into an account from links.
The fourth way
In short, access.
It is often found that login with Fb. I'm not saying that you shouldn't trust every app that asks you to sign in with Facebook. But when I ask to log in with Fb, he usually shows me what he's going to use.
I really need to double check. Because he usually shows how much he will use his Acc there.
This method does not control the entire account, so there is no need to go with Acc. But the information in Acc can be accessed to a certain extent. Click to find out the answer for yourself from what you will find on Fb is also only access. Except for some information, I can't do it until I change the password for Acc. But it can get enough information to draw the recovery mentioned above. Be careful and avoid. What will you be in 2020? Don't be happy about things that aren't real with you in the world. If you want to be happy, don't forget to leave after entering.
The fifth way
Keylogger, Shoulder Surfing & Other's Device Using
This is also a common issue. Someone who is close to me has bad behavior. Whether it's because your phone is broken or When the battery runs out or when you use someone else's phone or computer for a while, you create a saved password. Another thing is that people who think that they have logged out after logging in to the browser and then closing the browser without logging out again. There is a keylogger on the computer that will be used for personal use, Avoid logging into your account while others are present. You can guess the password by looking at your hand movements on the computer keyboard, or when you type it from the phone keyboard, the viewer can see the password. Don't forget that you can access your friend's Facebook account only by knowing the password.
Now that I know how to steal Acc, I can figure out how to avoid it.
Buy Facebook Hack
We still talk. What... How to hack Facebook.
This is a superficial view that most people know. Let's dig a little deeper. Let me write so that everyone  can understand. I will avoid academic terms as much as possible in this section. I want everyone to know the truth.
Facebook is a web server. A server is like a garage where data is stored. We are the clients who open accounts on Facebook. Users who get information from the server.
The account server for Facebook accounts stores millions of passwords and other Facebook users' information, including myself. So once you can hack Facebook, it is not an account. Millions of Facebook accounts, including Zuckerberg's, will be accessed at once. So Facebook can be called hacking.
Not like that, with the methods I mentioned above, Maung Kakyi, Even if they were able to hack their accounts, this is not hacking Facebook. The hack is based on the vulnerability of the user's ignorance. It's just hacking Maung Ka Dain, not hacking Facebook at all.
So, I think that experts know when to use Facebook hack.
Facebook pays a lot of money to security professionals to keep our accounts safe. We provide full time security monitoring for the security of his server as well as full time security for our users. Not only this, they also have a Bug Bounty Program, and those who can discover Facebook's vulnerabilities and write a report (report) calculate the vulnerability of the discovered vulnerability and give appropriate rewards. If you don't do that, if someone finds it again and reports it, your reward will go to someone else, and when Facebook fixes it, you won't be able to use it and it will be wasted. So, Facebook is a really strong security place because it has an active security team that immediately finds a vulnerability and prepares for it, as well as complementing the protections of external researchers. Don't keep your secret with only me post. These are the ones that leak when the system is upgraded. Also, if you don't want to leak the chat, you can still use it safely because there is a secret conversation. Once you look at the other side, it will be deleted within the set time (for example, 5 seconds), so even if his acc (or your own acc) is included, this will not leak anymore.
Not just Facebook. The gmail hack that you see online is just like those concepts.
So instead of talking about Facebook hack everywhere, I think we should know the real truth. Next, hacking is not a very narrow science that can only access the accounts of Facebook and gmail users.
Based on Programming, Web Developing, Networking and Server/System Administration, Hacking is related to every computer science.
Especially in today's era where there are more and more needs for cyber security, it is time to leave the narrow view that hacking is only about how to steal Facebook accounts and that is what hacking is all about.

Hacking ideas on Facebook and Facebook hacking methods (Old Post) 
          With the development of social networks like Facebook, people are more interested in new technologies. As they come up with new ideas, they become more and more aware of the technology. Hacking is a field that is becoming more and more popular among such technologies.

  Hacking is becoming more popular among people, and gmail, which can connect online games with social networks like Facebook, is becoming more popular. Facebook hacking is hacking, gmail hacking is hacking, and just saying hacking means hacking Facebook and Gmail accounts. If you want to have a broad perspective in hacking and other technical fields, you need to be able to remove the damn boundaries. Don't forget that the damn frame itself. Let's take an example. People often see engineering and construction together. Engineering, which the engineers learned, is a technical field. If you use it to build a building, it is building a building, and if you use it to build a bridge, it becomes bridge construction. Those construction parts are field of application. Before building in the field, you need to know the techniques. In addition, you can get the necessary experience by helping other people's constructions before building your own in the field. Let's get back to the hacking part. For example, the height.
Hacking is a technical part. Gmail hacking, Facebook hacking and web hacking are application fields. An engineer who will build a building needs to learn how to build a building, and an engineer who will build a bridge also needs to learn bridge construction techniques. In the same way, for the hacking field, it is necessary to know the relevant techniques and apply them. By using the construction techniques in the construction, construction becomes construction. gmail hacking,  Website hacking, server hacking, web cam hacking, etc. have become system hacking fields. When it comes to hacking Facebook and Gmail, I would like to tell you a few parts that most people don't know. Let's set aside what we normally see on Accs like Facebook and Gmail, which are used to open accounts. These accounts have two levels. The user level is maintained by the user and the server level is maintained by the original owner, Facebook and Google. If you want to hack gmail that is opened as a user level, you only need one account. If you hack the gmail accounts server provided at the server level, you can get millions of accounts at the same time. Because the account server stores millions of accounts.  At the server level, the security team of Facebook and Google are monitoring full-time with experts, and have made bug bounty programs, and have made security stronger by rewarding those who can find vulnerabilities and submit reports. At the user level, they can maintain their own account. You need to check URLs carefully to avoid phishing links, such as using unencrypted networks. I used to connect to free wifi networks and logged in. Using passwords that can be easily guessed, such as weak passwords, Information not properly filled in; It is necessary to pay special attention to those that do not use a security layer. In order to avoid these, it is necessary to have appropriate security knowledge. Some of the accounts hacked on Facebook are not actually hacked. Some of them said that they were hacked (unknowingly) because they couldn't log in because they couldn't remember their email and password when they registered their account. Those who actually joined the account joined because of the following factors.
1. Deliberately created and contrived that his acc was hacked by himself
2. Click this link and see what happens. Click here to know your answer, you will find posts like this. The user's important information and token access were stolen
3. Untrusted apps I entered with login with Facebook
4. Because the complete information is not added, or Because the security layer is not used, the recovery is pulled
5. Without knowing for sure, I connected to free wifi and logged in very carefully
6. "How many followers do you get?" "How many likes do you get?" How many comments do you get? If you want to know, look at this link" and so on. The users were attracted to the phishing link and entered the account without knowing it.
7. Facebook account hacker, Gmail hacker, fake software.
(6 and 7 are called Social Engineering)
8. The Facebook account of someone you trust has been faked to be the same as the one you trust, and the account has been stolen
9. People put apks that you don't trust into your phone. By adding it yourself, by using the keyloggers that come with the plugin, your own acc
It's not your own device, but other people's devices (phone or computer) and your account is added to your account when you access your acc for a while.
10. Using weak (and easy to guess) passwords for account login. What's more, open the account Open the right account. This is the only way to remember passwords
It usually happens because of the above factors.
This is related to the user level and is the part that the user of the account should be aware of.
Even if Facebook (or) Google is not for their profit, they have increased protection from the server level as much as possible for their reputation.
However, regardless of how the server level is protected, users need to follow the safety precautions for their own safety.
Just talking about account protections and how to steal will lose the original purpose. ๐Ÿ˜ As I discussed in the beginning. Hacking is a technical part. Hack Gmail,  Facebook hack, Hacking a website is only a field of application. So, when you master hacking techniques (techniques), you start to become familiar with where and what to use (how to build a building, how to build a bridge) and so on.
Another thing is that hackers are not only bad people as most people on Facebook think. anywhere black and white There are opposites of light and dark. They will be responsible for their own actions and stance.
Therefore, I would like to wish you all the best for the new year.
The Ways of Facebook Account Hack - Videos (Burmese)

Thank you for reading. 

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