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Hacking ideas on Facebook and Facebook hacking methods

Hacking ideas on Facebook and Facebook hacking methods (Old Post) 
          With the development of social networks like Facebook, people are more interested in new technologies. As they come up with new ideas, they become more and more aware of the technology. Hacking is a field that is becoming more and more popular among such technologies.

  Hacking is becoming more popular among people, and gmail, which can connect online games with social networks like Facebook, is becoming more popular. Facebook hacking is hacking, gmail hacking is hacking, and just saying hacking means hacking Facebook and Gmail accounts. If you want to have a broad perspective in hacking and other technical fields, you need to be able to remove the damn boundaries. Don't forget that the damn frame itself. Let's take an example. People often see engineering and construction together. Engineering, which the engineers learned, is a technical field. If you use it to build a building, it is building a building, and if you use it to build a bridge, it becomes bridge construction. Those construction parts are field of application. Before building in the field, you need to know the techniques. In addition, you can get the necessary experience by helping other people's constructions before building your own in the field. Let's get back to the hacking part. For example, the height.
Hacking is a technical part. Gmail hacking, Facebook hacking and web hacking are application fields. An engineer who will build a building needs to learn how to build a building, and an engineer who will build a bridge also needs to learn bridge construction techniques. In the same way, for the hacking field, it is necessary to know the relevant techniques and apply them. By using the construction techniques in the construction, construction becomes construction. gmail hacking,  Website hacking, server hacking, web cam hacking, etc. have become system hacking fields. When it comes to hacking Facebook and Gmail, I would like to tell you a few parts that most people don't know. Let's set aside what we normally see on Accs like Facebook and Gmail, which are used to open accounts. These accounts have two levels. The user level is maintained by the user and the server level is maintained by the original owner, Facebook and Google. If you want to hack gmail that is opened as a user level, you only need one account. If you hack the gmail accounts server provided at the server level, you can get millions of accounts at the same time. Because the account server stores millions of accounts.  At the server level, the security team of Facebook and Google are monitoring full-time with experts, and have made bug bounty programs, and have made security stronger by rewarding those who can find vulnerabilities and submit reports. At the user level, they can maintain their own account. You need to check URLs carefully to avoid phishing links, such as using unencrypted networks. I used to connect to free wifi networks and logged in. Using passwords that can be easily guessed, such as weak passwords, Information not properly filled in; It is necessary to pay special attention to those that do not use a security layer. In order to avoid these, it is necessary to have appropriate security knowledge. Some of the accounts hacked on Facebook are not actually hacked. Some of them said that they were hacked (unknowingly) because they couldn't log in because they couldn't remember their email and password when they registered their account. Those who actually joined the account joined because of the following factors.
1. Deliberately created and contrived that his acc was hacked by himself
2. Click this link and see what happens. Click here to know your answer, you will find posts like this. The user's important information and token access were stolen
3. Untrusted apps I entered with login with Facebook
4. Because the complete information is not added, or Because the security layer is not used, the recovery is pulled
5. Without knowing for sure, I connected to free wifi and logged in very carefully
6. "How many followers do you get?" "How many likes do you get?" How many comments do you get? If you want to know, look at this link" and so on. The users were attracted to the phishing link and entered the account without knowing it.
7. Facebook account hacker, Gmail hacker, fake software.
(6 and 7 are called Social Engineering)
8. The Facebook account of someone you trust has been faked to be the same as the one you trust, and the account has been stolen
9. People put apks that you don't trust into your phone. By adding it yourself, by using the keyloggers that come with the plugin, your own acc
It's not your own device, but other people's devices (phone or computer) and your account is added to your account when you access your acc for a while.
10. Using weak (and easy to guess) passwords for account login. What's more, open the account Open the right account. This is the only way to remember passwords
It usually happens because of the above factors.
This is related to the user level and is the part that the user of the account should be aware of.
Even if Facebook (or) Google is not for their profit, they have increased protection from the server level as much as possible for their reputation.
However, regardless of how the server level is protected, users need to follow the safety precautions for their own safety.
Just talking about account protections and how to steal will lose the original purpose. ๐Ÿ˜ As I discussed in the beginning. Hacking is a technical part. Hack Gmail,  Facebook hack, Hacking a website is only a field of application. So, when you master hacking techniques (techniques), you start to become familiar with where and what to use (how to build a building, how to build a bridge) and so on.
Another thing is that hackers are not only bad people as most people on Facebook think. anywhere black and white There are opposites of light and dark. They will be responsible for their own actions and stance.
Therefore, I would like to wish you all the best for the new year.
The Ways of Facebook Account Hack - Videos (Burmese)

Thank you for reading. 

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